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About Raybo

Raybo is a leader in the cement-based terrazzo market, renowned for merging American innovation with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Our CEO, armed with a PhD in Chemistry from Texas A&M University and over 35 years of experience in the stone industry, leads the research and development for the company, testing and perfecting new technology and formulations that not only set the highest standards for quality but are also environmentally responsible.

Unmatched Quality

A cornerstone of our competitive edge is our emphasis on advanced R&D and patented formulation which place us leagues ahead of both US and European manufacturers. Our manufacturing process utilizes advanced vibro-compaction under vacuum, a technique that significantly enhances the quality and durability of our terrazzo. This process is part of our unique approach, enabling us to produce superior terrazzo products compared to those offered by other manufacturers. Our unique approach in developing terrazzo products results in superior quality, durability, and strength that is simply unmatched in the market.


Cutting-Edge Photocatalytic Finishes

At Raybo, we are pioneering the integration of cutting-edge technology into the realm of building materials, exemplifying this through our revolutionary photocatalytic finishes on our terrazzo stone. This advanced application not only creates a "self-cleaning" product, but it also actively contributes to environmental purification, breaking down pollutants and improving air quality. 

Competitive Prices

Furthermore, by forming strategic partnerships with select manufacturers in China, we benefit from efficient production processes while rigorously upholding our unparalleled quality standards. This synergy allows us to offer our top-tier products at competitive prices, maintaining our commitment to sustainability.


Commitment to Sustainability

Raybo stands out not only for offering high-quality, versatile products for natural floor and wall cladding but also for championing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Our terrazzo range, including classic, Venetian styles, and marble and travertine-like slabs and tiles, is designed with both aesthetics and environmental impact in mind. We craft our terrazzo using natural materials like marble, granite, onyx, or glass chips, mixed with Portland cement and water, and consciously avoid resin and latex to prevent VOC emissions.

Our distinct blend of U.S. innovation, advanced manufacturing techniques, and strategic Chinese partnerships ensures a level of product performance and quality that is unparalleled. We deliver this exceptional value along with a steadfast commitment to preserving our planet. Choose Raybo for a product that exemplifies excellence in craftsmanship, sustainability, and a superior quality that sets a new industry standard.


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